Passion for Technology in Greenhouse Horticulture

In greenhouse horticulture, technology comes together with nature in a unique way. If you love complex work and don’t shy away from challenges, then this might be the perfect sector for you. Whether you already have experience or are still looking for a BOL/BBL workplace, there are various positions within EVE Techniek in which you can express your passion for technology.

Work at home and abroad

One of the advantages of working in greenhouse horticulture is that you get to work both nationally and internationally. The Netherlands is known for its innovative horticultural sector and therefore also has projects running across the border. This offers you the opportunity to not only gain technical knowledge, but perhaps even discover new cultures.

Development opportunities

Development and innovation are central in greenhouse horticulture. As a technician you get plenty of opportunities to develop yourself further. For example, you will learn how to maintain advanced climate installations, how to install new water units and how to quickly resolve malfunctions. In addition, there is a lot of room for specialization within this sector, such as electrical engineering or installation technology.

Career opportunities

In addition to development opportunities, greenhouse horticulture also offers plenty of growth opportunities. If you start as a first or second technician, you can eventually progress to a position as an all-round technician or perhaps you have the ambition to become a service technician. By continuing to learn and challenge yourself, you can move up within this growing sector & our company.

Growing company

The greenhouse horticulture sector is a dynamic and growing sector in which there is always a need for technical talent. More and more companies in (greenhouse) horticulture are investing in modern technologies to work more efficiently and sustainably. This not only offers opportunities for you as a technician, but also for EVE Techniek. So you can grow with us and work together towards a sustainable future.

Vacancies in Greenhouse Horticulture

Are you looking for a job in greenhouse horticulture? Then there are several positions that could suit you perfectly:

  • Service mechanica: As a service technician you are responsible for solving malfunctions, maintenance and repairs of machines, installations and climate systems within greenhouse horticulture. De Priva computer heeft voor jou geen geheimen.
  • Service technician in training: In this position you get the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of the trade from experienced colleagues.
  • All-round mechanic: As an all-round mechanic you are versatile and you can carry out both electrical and water technical work.
  • First and second installation technician: In this position you are responsible for the various electrical and water technical work on installations at our customer in, among other things, greenhouse horticulture technology.

There is also the option to work in greenhouse horticulture as a self-employed person. Do you have specific knowledge or skills that you want to use? Then we look forward to receiving your open application.

In short, if you have a passion for technology and would like to work in a growing sector in which development and innovation are central, then greenhouse horticulture is really something for you. There are plenty of opportunities to work on interesting projects, both nationally and internationally. So grab your chance now and start your career in greenhouse horticulture!

Acquisition in response to our vacancies is not appreciated.

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