EVE Techniek B.V. is a reliable and professional partner in the greenhouse horticulture sector. With our extensive experience at various types of greenhouse horticulture companies, we have built up in-depth knowledge of this industry.

We attach great importance to building strong relationships with our customers. By working closely together, we are able to gain good insight into your specific situation. This enables us to provide targeted advice and deliver the right equipment or products at the right time. This way you as a customer can work as sustainably and efficiently as possible.

Our services:

As a Priva dealer, we specialize in designing, installing and maintaining Priva systems. With these advanced technologies we can optimize your climate control, irrigation and energy management, among other things. This allows you to increase productivity and save costs.

Electrical systems:
Our experienced electricians ensure the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in greenhouse horticulture. Whether it concerns lighting systems, switch cabinets or other electrical components, we guarantee safe and reliable operation.

Water technical installations:
As a specialist in the field of water technology, we offer tailor-made solutions for irrigation systems, water storage and water purification. We ensure that your crops always receive sufficient water and that the use of water is efficiently regulated.

Service and maintenance:
We are always there for you with our excellent service and maintenance services. Our technicians are quickly on site to resolve any malfunctions and carry out preventive maintenance. In this way we minimize the downtime of your installations.

Climate computer:
EVE Techniek offers tailor-made climate solutions for greenhouse horticulture. An accurately controlled indoor climate is essential for optimal crop growth. We ensure the right balance between temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and external factors. Our experienced specialists design heating systems that meet your specific needs. We also ensure uniform CO2 distribution, which contributes to optimal growth and productivity. Our services include greenhouse heating and cooling, boiler and heat storage systems, and CHP and heat pump systems. With EVE Techniek you are assured of climate technical systems of the highest quality.

Quality and Innovation:
At EVE Techniek B.V. we strive to provide high-quality products and services to our customers. We continuously invest in the professional knowledge of our employees and ourselves, so that we are always aware of the latest developments in the greenhouse horticulture sector.

Through our expertise, reliability and professionalism, we can help you take your greenhouse horticulture company to the next level.

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