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A Precise Control for Optimal Crop Growth

An accurately controlled indoor climate is of great importance for your crop in greenhouse horticulture. Optimizing light, temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration is essential to promote good and efficient growth. In addition, external factors such as wind, rain and sunshine must also be taken into account, which can influence the climate in the greenhouse.

EVE Techniek understands the importance of a well-regulated climate in your greenhouse. It not only provides control over the growth of your crops, but also helps prevent pests and diseases.

At EVE Techniek we have a wealth of experience in the field of PRIVA climate systems. We continue to educate ourselves to always be up to date with the latest developments in the field of climate technology.

Balance: The Key to Success

Balance is essential in any climate system. An installation with a constant temperature distribution is a requirement for optimal crop growth. At EVE Techniek we take the balance between quality, cost price and energy use into account when making our calculations. Since energy is a crucial factor in your installation, a well-developed and installed heating system provides maximum benefits.

EVE Techniek delivers tailor-made solutions; our specialists design a heating system that precisely meets your requirements. The specific needs of your crops are taken into account.

Uniforme CO2-distributie

CO2 installations are of great importance for the growth of your crops. At EVE Techniek we have a self-developed calculation module that ensures the most uniform CO2 distribution in the greenhouse. This contributes to optimal growth and productivity of your crops.

Our services

  • Various greenhouse heating installations
  • Various greenhouse cooling installations
  • Boiler House Installations
  • Boiler installations
  • Expansion installations
  • Heat storage systems
  • CO2 installations
  • CHP installations
  • Heat pump systems

EVE Techniek specializes in the design, assembly and installation of various climate technical systems for greenhouse horticulture. With our expertise and experience we offer solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

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